School Cafeteria Food Cost Accounting Software

K-12 Food Cost Accounting Software to Manage School Food Services

If you are a Food Service Director or Business Manager and you have to let the school board know that your food service deficit is much larger that you budgeted for, we can help you big time!

  • Savings on cost of goods
  • Reduce over production
  • Procurement/Inventory management
  • Menu forecasting with pre-costing
  • Ala-Carte menu pricing
  • Commodity warehouse distribution
  • Student sales analysis

Our K-12 Food Cost Accounting Software is a top choice for Food Service Directors nationwide.

Software Features:

Inventory Control Icon

Inventory Control

Inventory Control Screenshot

Build a database for the items you want to track. Each item is broken down to the way you buy it, how you inventory or issue it, and how you want to compare the cost of it.

  • Track usage, sales, purchases and waste
  • Assign and compare vendors
  • Utilize hand-held or PDAs for data collection
  • Track multiple sites with central control
Purchasing Bid Analysis Icon

Purchasing Bid Analysis

Purchasing Bid Analysis Screenshot

You can order by par, seasonal par, forecasted need, production, perpetual inventory or just a list of products. Purchase orders are sent electronically to the vendor.

  • Generate order at site and centrally review
  • Electronically send and receive
  • Import vendor bids and price updates
Recipe Menu Costing Icon

Recipe Menu Costing

Recipe Menu Costing Screenshot

Build recipes in a manner that cooks understand and at the same time you will determine the true cost of your recipes. We makes it easy to build recipes using a step-by-step wizard.

  • Scale batch recipes to forecast
  • Menu pricing is always current
  • Set and monitor targeted food cost
Production Management Icon

Production Management

Production Management Screenshot

Tracking and forecasting the sales mix and acceptability enables you to hone in on the cost of these meals on a per person basis and accurately calculate the amount of product that you need to order and prepare.

  • Manage cost per meal
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce left-overs and waste
  • Create consistency by having recipes scaled at proper volumes
Warehouse Commissary Icon

Warehouse Commissary

Warehouse Commissary Screenshot

In complex multi site operations with a warehouse or commissary FOODCO streamlines forecasting and order entry, consolidates orders, prints pick lists, loads the truck and prints the delivery ticket/invoice.

  • Reconcile USDA product utilization
  • Centralized delivery of raw/finished products
  • Consolidated production with distribution

Our K-12 Food Cost Accounting specialists work directly with you and your team to layout a game plan that increases money savings.

  • Tools to allow you control not only what is offered based on NSLP, but all other offerings based on ala carte programs.
  • Robust networks of local and regional food production and  distribution. Support local suppliers, manage bids and commodities.
  • Food costs are going to continue to rise! With all the emphasis on fruits, vegetable, whole grains and sodium.
To learn more about our K-12 Food Cost Accounting Software, it’s features, pricing details, or to schedule a demo, fill out the form below and a MySchoolAccount representative will be in contact with you shortly.