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Online School Lunch Account Software

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Your school has a short amount of time to get all your students through meal lines, and your staff only has so much capacity to manage all the payments for each meal. When you add the element of getting payments from parents on time, meals are a challenge for any district.
That’s why we built school lunch account software that offers simplicity from tray to pay. Students using our lightning-fast system get through crowded lines fast. Staff, whether they’re checking students out or managing the payments within the financial office, save countless hours through efficiencies offered by our school lunch software.

How Our School Lunch Account Software Delivers Simplicity

1) An Online Lunch Ordering System Built for Schools

With our software, parents can easily add money to a school lunch account online, from anywhere and at any time. They receive low-balance alerts and parents can add a la carte options. Our school lunch ordering system also lets parents choose the items their kids eat and hastens the checkout process for the student.

2) An Easy-to-Use School Lunch Account App

Parents are busy, which makes it difficult for schools to get them to make payments on time. That’s why we built a school lunch account app that they can access directly from their phones. This app makes it easy for parents to adjust funds for a school lunch account. It also simplifies the tracking and management of payments for your staff.

3) Lightning-Quick POS Software

Our cafeteria POS system makes meal checkouts fast while reducing work for your staff. With streamlined financial reports, you can track all school meal payments, inventory and more in one place.  We also include built-in compliance features to simplify National School Lunch Program compliance while ensuring student participation in federal-aid programs is anonymous, which prevents bullying.

4) Flexible POS Hardware

Whether you’re looking for contactless options, such as school lunch cards, or options that don’t rely on students keeping track of pin codes (biometrics), we have a variety of different hardware options for you to choose from.

5) U.S.-Based Support

Our school lunch account software is intuitive. In fact, it’s so intuitive that food service directors can easily train in on it within 60 minutes. For food support staff, it only takes about 15 minutes to master. And, if you have any issues or questions, our team is ready to walk you through its components.

Want to See How Much Time You Could Save on School Lunch Account Management?