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A School Lunch Payment Portal Designed to Reduce Stress and Headaches

School Lunch Payment Portal Screenshot
School lunch payments are the most challenging type of payments for districts. Each district needs to manage hundreds to even thousands of lunch accounts, which can cause headaches for administrators. Vanco has grown its school payment portal over decades to automate and streamline routine admin tasks, saving staff precious time and simplifying the payment process for parents.

How Vanco Makes School Lunch Payments Easy for Staff and Parents

Low-Balance Alerts

Lunch account payments are rarely top of mind for parents. That’s why our portal sends alerts when account balances are low. This reduces the number of accounts that are in the red and saves staff time collecting late payments.

Software That’s Ridiculously Easy to Use for Staff and Parents

Vanco designed its lunch payment portal to be easy to use for both parents and staff. It only takes food workers 15 minutes to train in on its cafeteria POS system, and finance offices see a reduction in phone calls from parents confused by the payment process.

24/7 Online Access from Any Device

School finance and lunch staff only have so many hours available in a day. That's why Vanco built an online school payment portal that parents can access 24/7 from any device. At any time during the day (or night), parents can access their account, check balances and add funds.


Parents often like to set money aside for their kids to use on snacks. With our software’s pre-order option, parents can add funds for a la carte items or select additional snacks. They can also adjust their children’s food selections each day based on available menu options. Parents can even use an auto replenish feature when account balances get low. The pre-order function also gives staff the insights necessary to prepare exactly what they need, reducing food waste.

National School Lunch Program Compliance

The National School Lunch Program is essential. It fights food insecurity, offering the necessary funds to aid low-income families. However, collecting reimbursements from the government and ensuring students receiving assistance can participate anonymously is a challenge with many school lunch payment portals.
Districts using Vanco enjoy a system with built-in compliance features. These features simplify the reimbursement process, saving school staff plenty of time. Students are also better protected from bullying with Vanco’s portal, as the system keeps participation in assistance programs discrete.

The Ability to Collect All School Payments in One Place

Vanco’s online school store lets parents pay for school lunches, fees, activities and every other type of payment in one centralized place, simplifying the entire payment process. Reconciliation is also easier for staff when all payments are made within one system. With Vanco’s payment portal, all payments can be reconciled within just 10 minutes!

Compatible with Existing Food POS Systems and Providers

Vanco’s software has its own cafeteria POS system, but its lunch payment portal was built to be compatible with the existing software that districts already use for meals. Because of the compatibilities and integrations built into our software, schools don’t need to change their POS system or food service provider. Here are just a few of the most prominent systems our school lunch payment portal works with.  
  • Café Enterprise
  • CIMS
  • Cybersoft/ PrimeroEdge
  • eTrition
  • JMC
  • Lumen
  • Meal Tracker
  • Meals Plus
  • MiChoice
  • Nutrikids
  • PowerSchool Lunch (premium partner)
  • QSP
  • School Dining
  • Skyward Family Access
  • Skyward Qmlativ
  • Springbrook
  • Total K12
  • Tyler Food
  • WebSmartt
  • WinSNAP
  • Wordware

Save Time and Headaches with a Lunch Payment Portal Built for Schools

See how you can receive the time-savings 1,300+ districts across the country already enjoy. Book a free, no-obligation assessment with one of our experts. They’ll show you how to save time on school lunch payment management.