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Online Lunch Ordering System for Schools

Districts across the country have used Vanco’s school lunch ordering system for decades. They do it to save their most valuable commodity, time. Vanco’s system cuts down on paperwork, makes food lines move lightning fast and simplifies school lunch orders and deposits for parents.
Discover all the ways Vanco’s school lunch ordering software works to save time and stress for parents and staff.

The Six Ways Vanco’s School Lunch Ordering System Saves Staff Time & Stress

1) Built-In National School Lunch Program Compliance

Complying with the National School Lunch Program can be a challenge for schools, but those using Vanco enjoy school lunch ordering software with built-in compliance that makes it easy to track every meal eligible for reimbursement.

2) Makes Lunch Lines Move Blazing Fast

Food staff only have a handful of minutes to move individuals through lunch lines, which is why we built Vanco’s school lunch ordering system to be customizable. It also pairs with hardware, including biometrics and card scanning, to allow checkouts to occur within just a few seconds.

3) Reduces Support Requests from Parents

Your staff is already busy. Fielding support calls from parents confused about the payment process only adds to their busy schedules. With Vanco’s online lunch ordering system for schools, parents don’t need to call your office because the process is so simple.

4) Provides Detailed Financial Reporting

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could track all meals, inventory and more in one place? Vanco’s system delivers comprehensive reports that makes tracking simple.

5) Offers an Intuitive POS System Directors Can Master Within an Hour

Switching to a new school lunch ordering system isn’t easy, which is why Vanco built its system to be intuitive. Directors can finish training within an hour and it only takes staff 15 minutes or less.

6) Limits Food Waste and Conserves Budget

For many k-12 schools, budgets are tight, which is why every penny counts. With Vanco’s system, parents can complete school lunch orders in advance which lets cafeteria staff know how much of each item will be consumed.

The Six Ways Vanco’s School Lunch Ordering System Saves Parents Time & Stress

1) Offers Preordering for Student Meals

Vanco’s school lunch ordering software lets parents preorder meals online. This gives parents the autonomy to see what their children are eating and make adjustments. They can also order a la carte items to give their kids a special treat.

2) Simplifies the Payment Process by Letting Parents Make All Payments in One Place

With Vanco’s online lunch ordering system for schools, parents don’t need to deal with a bundle of systems to pay for activities, lunches or fees. Through its online school store software, parents can pay for everything in minutes.

3) Lets Parents Make Payments Any Place, Any Time

Parents are busy people, which makes them value flexibility. Our system delivers it with an online payment portal that’s available 24/7.

4) Gives Parents Peace of Mind with a School Payment System That Exceeds the Highest Security Standards

Parents have a lot to worry about in their day-to-day lives. Give them one less worry with a school payment system built to meet and exceed PCI DSS standards.

5) Provides Low-Balance Alerts

It’s easy for parents to forget to add money to school lunch accounts, which can make your budget dip into the red. Reduce instances of negative balances with low-balance alerts, which let parents know it's time to add money.

6) Protect Student Dignity and Prevent Bullying

Many children within K-12 schools receive free or reduced lunches. These government programs are great as they fight food insecurity, but some school lunch ordering systems don’t conceal student participation, which can lead to bullying. Vanco built its cafeteria POS system to keep participation in these programs anonymous.

Book a Free Consultation Today to Simplify School Lunches for Staff and Parents

1,300+ districts across the country have saved countless hours with Vanco’s, easy-to-use software. Learn how your team can save staff and parents time with our school lunch ordering system by booking a free, no-obligation consultation today. During the consultation, our team will show you how our online lunch ordering system for schools works and how much time it can save your team!