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School Payment Solutions

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Your finance office has plenty on their plate. If they’re using a patchwork of systems, it can make the payment process even more challenging for them and parents.
That’s why we built a school payment system that brings all fees and transactions into one place. Through Vanco’s centralized payment portal, your school’s staff saves hours each week. And, parents enjoy a more frictionless payment process.

Accept Any Payment Around the Clock

Easily collect all school payments, fees and transactions in one place at any time. Vanco’s online payment solution for schools works around the clock to take transactions, even outside of office hours. Parents enjoy using our easy-to-use school payments solution because they can make payments from anywhere and at any time. It also mimics an online shopping experience, making it easy to find the fees and payments that parents need to pay.
Here are just a few of the most common payments our system accepts.
  • Before/After-School Care Payments
  • Meal Payments
  • Transportation Fees
  • Extra-Curricular Activity Fees
  • Class Fees
  • Exam Fees
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Technology Fees
  • Summer Registrations

Why 1,300+ Districts Choose Our School Payment Solutions

Reduces support requests and phone calls to school offices.

Because all payments, fees and transactions are executed from one easy-to-use school payment system, parents require less assistance to make each payment.

Free materials to assist parents in making the adoption to online payments.

It can sometimes be a challenge to get all parents on board with online payments. That’s why we’ve built implementation materials to make this process a smooth one.

Cuts the reconciliation process down to minutes.

Reconciling school payments can be a challenge for many districts, but not with our system. Through our school payment solution, you can reconcile payments within 10 minutes.

Reduces the tedious paperwork that comes from cash and check payments.

Cash and checks create plenty of extra work for your school’s finance office. By limiting the quantity of these payments, you reduce many of the headaches that come with cash and checks.

Unlocks new opportunities for fundraising while boosting existing efforts.

With tight budgets, fundraising is critical for many districts. That’s why we designed our school payment system to facilitate fundraising. Through Vanco, you can easily boost existing fundraisers or expand them.

Free U.S.-based support.

There’s no DIY necessary with our school payment solution. Our team does all the setup for you, adding in every fee, payment and transaction type. This doesn’t cost you a thing and any support calls you need are included within your plan.

Compatible with school information systems and other K-12 software.

You might already have a school information system. With Vanco, this is no problem. We have built-in compatibilities with the most popular K-12 software to create a seamless payment system.

Want to Save Your School or District Time and Stress?

Districts using our school payment system save themselves countless hours of work each year. See how easy it is to save time on payments with Vanco!